感謝每份報導,都是對我們的督促及責任,焦點並非個人,願化做橋樑,讓更多人看見在山巔海角的生命。We appreciate the media becoming our supervision. The focus is not on individuals but would like to make more people value the underprivileged.

時代雜誌教育版 對沈芯菱的評價

Time for Students April 2004,

It’s hard to believe, but true “role models do still “exist.Take for example Shen Hsin-Ling of Douliu, Yunlin County. She is a computer whiz kid who also spends her time helping people. Only 14 years old, she has already earned over 20 -specialist’s “licenses in “computing software. She has also been paid to design over 30 *websites for various companies. Moreover, she has developed free “educational websites for students on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Most important of all, however, is that she earned the “praise of Taiwanese president Chen Shui-bian and the nation.

Gloomy Childhood
Shen Hsin-Ling had to 2overcome -major educational obstacles. Her family was not well off, to say the least. They made a living by selling clothes at a street stand, and had to follow business wherever it went.Because their life wasn’t stable, Shen’s parents weren’t able to send her to “kindergarten. Instead, she had to help them sell clothes at the tonight market.

Her parents worked very hard to give her a good ‘education, despite their troubles. “My father was my “mentor and my mother was his helper,” Shen Hsin-Ling says. “It was all because my father taught me everyday how to read and write,” she adds. Mr. Shen also taught Xin-Ling, his only child, to add and “subtract, and even to speak some simple English. Her father didn’t understand computers, but he found a way tohelp her learn about them when she later showed ointerest in the world of electronics.

In fourth “grade, her teacher Hsu Jian-liang –encouraged Shen to take computer classes. Luckily for Shen, her family’s “economic ‘situation had improved. Her parents
“gathered together enough money to buy her a computer. They also spent some of their hard-earned money shiring “local college students to ‘otutor her at home.

Her parents’ sacrifice was not lost on Shen. She knew through 2experience how hard it was for her parents to earn money. “Every time I thought of the money they spent on my education, I would push myself to study more and even help with a household “chores after studying,” says Shen. Thanks to her strong “drive to study, within one year she learned nearly everything there was to know about designing a ‘web page. By fifth grade, she had designed her first web page. And by the end of the year, she had already created her own nelectronic workshop.

Shen Hsin-Ling is no ‘selfish girl. She shows a strong a sense of ‘filial piety and respect for her elders. The web page she designed to help her parents sell clothes increased their earnings -dramatically. For Mid-Autumn Festival last year, she designed another web page to help her grandfather and his friends sell off their *excess pomelos, a ‘traditional fruit grown in Douliu. Amazingly, she helped them “get rid of over 30,000 “kilos of the delicious festival fruit.

Her ‘generosity goes even “further. During the ‘SARS soutbreak, she “printed 300 sT-shirts for the nurses, doctors and government workers fighting SARS, spending over NT$100,000. She is even donating all the “prize money from her web design contests (tens of thousands) to help children of poor families get better educations. Not only is she a whiz at her studies, but she’s also become a great role model. In this day of greedy tocapitalism, excessive individualism and loose imorals, Shen Hsin-Ling seems like an angel that fell out of heaven.